Here are three short films by Mac Crary, copyright 2019, AIDS Nuremberg


Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

— Oscar Wilde.

I appreciate your time.   They’re short. My belief about the likely response in sharing them may not be all that well founded but my true feeling is that a stranger/friend (peer) is more likely to be forgiving if they watch My Third Film first.   I am genuinely afraid if you watch them in the order they were made you will hate me before you reach the third and never get around to it.

This is the order I recommend watching them:

My Third Film:
The New Film Project
Get Cracking

        If you somehow manage to refrain from judgment until the end of the third, I am sure you will understand that I didn’t actively seek to start a row with prog rock.  I became concerned.  If you want to share them with someone, that’s fine.   I want a lot of peer review, but it’s hard to come by.  No comments necessary, any comments welcome.
        I had to go back to Pittsburgh to go to school, because Seattle Central banned me for this, but the Deans in Pittsburgh requested background and allowed me re-entry on the basis of this paper for them:

Best to you,Mac

This is the order they were made:

Get Cracking
The New Film Project
My Third Film

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